Spring Forward: Time To Set Clocks Forward This Weekend

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Spring Forward: Time To Set Clocks Forward This Weekend

It’s that time of year again; Daylight Savings. On Sunday at 2 a.m., most of BC will set their clocks forward one hour.

Dr. Todd Whitombe is the Chair of Chemistry, Environmental Science & Environmental Engineering at UNBC. He says the spring time change can be a struggle for some.”You are changing your circadian rhythms. Our bodies have a natural rhythm to them. They wake up at a certain time, they go to sleep at a certain time. In fact, actually it operates on a 24 hour cycle. We sort of reset it every day. It functions off of light. Well when you shift that rhythm, people sort of feel like they are jet lagged. It is sort of like taking a flight an hour East but doing it in the blink of an eye.”

Whitcombe says for every hour of jet lag, it takes one day to recover. In theory, everything should be back to normal by Tuesday morning.

Not all of BC changes time zones, however. Dawson Creek, along with most of the Peace region does not change the clocks at all during the year. Mayor Dale Bumstead says it has its challenges. “In Northeastern BC, we are really connected with natural gas and the energy sector and so we do lots of business and there’s lots of industry connected with Calgary. So for 6 months of the year you are off if you are located in Dawson Creek, and vice versa when you are dealing with the rest of the province. It’s so confusing when you don’t have that consistency.”

Bumstead adds people in the region have accepted not changing times, and some like it.


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