A Taste Of The Great Depression

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A Taste Of The Great Depression

The Culinary program at the College of New Caledonia (CNC) served up some interesting dishes today. Moose steak, corn pone, potato skins, chicken skins and water fried pancakes were all on the menu as part of a history project.

The Instructor of History 104, Sheldon Clare, asked his students to explain an aspect of Canadian history post-confederation.

A student in the class, Linn Authen, decided the best way to experience the struggles of the 1930s was to taste it. “You can really go back in time and taste how it was like to live back then and try to imagine how it would be to eat that kind of food over that many years. So if you only had potatoes or flour or corn, you made it in different forms. That was your diet.”

Culinary Arts Instructor, Chef Ron Christian, is used to adding flavour to meals. It was an interesting challenge to limit the ingredients. “You had to look at what flavour you can put in there. Like on the farm they had fresh herbs and things like that. That has lots of flavour. In the city, to get some salt and sugar that’s a treat!”

The project had a bigger purpose, though.

“Get a perspective on how times have changed,” says Authen. “Make them realize that we are sort of lucky.”

“I think it’s good that the younger generation realizes how good they have it,” says Chef Christian.


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