Farmers’ Market Seeks To Renew Coupon Program

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Farmers' Market Seeks To Renew Coupon Program

The BC Farmers Market Association has received support from Mayor and Council for its application to the Province to renew the annual coupon program.
“Our farmers, last year, took in, in excess of $18,000, which is really important to local producers,” says Lois Westlake with the PG Farmers’ Market. “A lot of our producers are producing only for the Farmers’ Market.”
The program gives organizations, like the Elizabeth Fry Society’s Baby’s New Beginning program, a set amount of coupons which they, in turn, hand out to eligible clients to buy fruits, vegetables and meats at the market. The coupons are $15 each and the program runs for 16 weeks in the summer.
The program is accessed by Farmers’ Markets in 45 BC communities and provides fresh food for 9,400 British Columbians. But Westlake says the program is restricted to helping children and families with children. Westlake says that makes complete sense, but she would like to add to it. She says she be willing to help if there was a group in the city willing to raise funds to launch a similar program to help others, like seniors.


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