Update: Boundary Road Closed

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Update: Boundary Road Closed

Update 2:30pm:

The mild weather has created a few issues for Prince George motorists.  This morning a small mudslide led to the closure of one of the southbound lanes on the Hart Highway.  This afternoon, a slide closed Boundary Road at the eastern end of the city.  City crews cleared the road, only to have more material slide onto the road a short time later, forcing another closure.  It’s not clear when the road which connects Highway 16 to Highway 97, will be reopened to traffic.

Update at 2:07pm:

A mudslide that flowed across Boundary Road earlier forced the city to close the road. The road was closed by city work crews for a few hours and later open around 1pm. City officials say the road may have to close again if the rising temperatures, melting snow and ice cause more problems across the roadway. The road was closed from the roundabout at Boeing Road up to the intersection of Boundary and Highway 97.

The City of Prince George has closed Boundary Road in both directions. No word yet from officials on why the road is closed or when it will be reopened.



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