U.S. Pop-up Consulate Plans To Return

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
U.S. Pop-up Consulate Plans To Return

The United States Consulate in Vancouver is already planning it’s next visit to Prince George. It held its first Pop-up Consulate in the North at the Public Library today.

“We have gone East to Kelowna and the Okanagan, West to the Island but we haven’t really gone North and we knew there were pockets of Americans living up there because we do see people coming from all over to the Consulate in Vancouver,” says Ingrid Specht, the Vice Consul at the United States Consulate in Vancouver. “When they come in they tell us; especially when they have large families, how much of a hassle it is. How much advanced planning and how much money they are spending to get to the Consulate in Vancouver. Since we have funding available to travel out to those areas we thought it would be a good idea.”

The Pop-up Consulate was quickly booked to capacity. Two staff members helped American and Dual Citizens with things like passport applications and renewals, Consular Report of Birth Abroad applications well as notarial services.

Antonia Mills was one of the many helped. She was born and raised in Iowa and later moved to Canada in 1967. “It’s really, really, really handy. It’s really, really, really useful. I actually have do 2 daughters that live in Vancouver and I am going down at Easter time because on Good Friday it’s my 75th Birthday, but the Consulate is not open over the holiday. So I couldn’t apply for a passport down there.”

The Consulate is making plans to return in the summer. “We are all available at VancouverACS@state.gov,” says Specht, “and at that email address we are collecting a list of people who are interested in the next time so we can get an idea of what the demand is and schedule our next visit.”

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