Preparing For a Busy St. Patrick’s Day

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Preparing For a Busy St. Patrick's Day

Residents will paint the town green tonight. St. Patrick’s Day landed on a Friday this year, and bars and restaurants are gearing up for a busy night.

Irish tunes will be playing and green beer will flow at Kelly O’bryan’s. The Irish pub-style restaurant has been fielding phone calls all day. “It is the largest celebration we have all year long. The fact that it falls on a Friday this year just makes it that much more fun,” says the General Manager, Darryl Colley. “Today is an ‘all hands on deck’ situation. Every staff member we have is working.”

The Prince George BC Bagpipe Band will be playing at several establishments, including Kelly O’Bryan’s. The Scottish band will feature at least 3 pipers and 6 drummers. “The Celtic and Gallic linguistic groups and peoples tend to have a fair bit of kinship for each other,” says Piper, Sheldon Clare. “Bagpipes are certainly common to Irish culture as well as Scottish culture, although the traditional Irish pipe is a bit different than a Scottish highland pipe.”

Even though it’s not an official national holiday in Canada, it’s sure to be a spirited evening in Prince George. “Irish tend to be famous for two things; fighting and drinking,” says Clare, “and a Friday night in Prince George is certainly one that the people could see both of those happening.”

Colley encourages people to make safe choices tonight. “Enjoy a beer. Be safe. Make sure that if you have more than you should that you are looking after yourself. We will also make sure we are looking after you as well. There’s all sorts of options. There’s taxis, we have buses, keys please. There’s all sorts of things to look after people that way for sure.”

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