Two Housing Projects Get Nod

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Two Housing Projects Get Nod

It was a big night for the Aboriginal Housing Society of Prince George. It was before Council with a pair of re-zoning and variance requests for two housing projects.
The first on the evening was for a piece of property at 1811 Spruce Street. That is a three-storey, 27 unit development for seniors. It received funding last year for the work. The Society was asking for approval of that design and a request to reduce the requirement for 31 parking stalls to 17. With seniors less likely to have a vehicle, coupled with easy access to amenities, such as doctors and groceries, the requirement for 31 stalls was not needed. It generated some questions from the gallery that there may be issues with on-street parking. The City’s Planning Department assured that was likely not an issue, but if it should creep up, there is always the option of residential permits. There were also concerns about lighting, to which the City said there were plans to add lighting along the street and the project would also have lighting.
The second public hearing was much larger in scope. The Aboriginal Housing Society was seeking to have a portion of a seven-acre lot off 17th Avenue re-zoned to accommodate housing. It would constitute the first phase of an “urban village” at that location. It would entail 50, two-to four-storey units of different sizes; some would be studio while others could be two-and three-bedroom units. If it moves forward, the work on that site would begin at the south side, along Bowser Avenue.
Again there were concerns about access to that site from Yew Street and Bowser Avenue, as well as concerns around maintenance of the site. However, the Society assured it has a property management element, overseeing more than 200 properties in Prince George already.
In the end, the project got nothing but praise from Council.
“I trust they’ll be good property managers,” said Councillor Brian Skakun, who loves the fact that the propsal is an in-fill project.
“I am comforted comments by Mr. Ian Wells that we’ll be looking at issues  like traffic and parking,” said Mayor Lyn Hall.
The Society has put an offer on the property, which was contingent on getting the re-zoning.


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