Cultural Days At CNC

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Cultural Days At CNC

There were traditional drummers, arts and even healers on hand for Cultural Days at the College of New Caledonia this afternoon. And there was a lot of interest in the displays. One of the kiosks was home to Janet Kozak and her mother, Mary Gouchie, who are putting together a dictionary of the Lheidli T’enneh language. Janet shares a classroom with a Spanish teachers at Prince George Senior Secondary School. She says the students are very curious about the language and she sincerely wants to satisfy that curiosity.
“I don’t want it lost because we are going to lose it if I don’t continue,” she says.
Another kiosk has Violet Prince making a cream that helps with the pain of arthritis. She says there is always a lot of interest in the traditional First Nations medicines.
“The Creator makes so many medicines for our people. And that’s all we used. It was the pharmacy,” she says. “The creams and the pitch and the bear grease medicine. The bear was so important in our lives way back then.”
Both Prince and Kozak say there is a renewed interest in First Nations culture, especially among the youth.


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