13th Annual Dr. Bob Ewert Memorial Lecture & Dinner Tomorrow

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13th Annual Dr. Bob Ewert Memorial Lecture & Dinner Tomorrow

Photo Courtesy UNBC: 11th Annual Dr. Bob Ewert Memorial Lecture & Dinner

It’s an annual event aimed at increasing the number of highly qualified health professionals in Northern BC. The 13th annual Dr. Bob Ewert Memorial Lecture & Dinner is being held at the Civic Centre tomorrow night. The fundraiser brings in close to $50,000 each year for UNBC’s Northern Medical Trust.

According to the Associate Vice President of the Northern Medical Program and the Regional Associate Dean of Medicine, Dr. Paul Winwood, the trust has made a difference since it’s creation in 2004. “There are far more professionals working in the north, there are far fewer communities who are in crisis because of health professional shortages. We are seeing our own grads working in communities across the north and in this hospital; the University Hospital of Northern BC.”

This years keynote speaker is Dr. Martin Magne. He will talk about the Parks Canada Underwater Archaeology Team that he led in the exploration of the ill-fated 1845 Franklin Expedition. “I hope they [attendees] take away the excitement of what archaeology is all about and how telling stories about the past can really inform the present. It’s really an interesting story that relates to the modern role of Canada in the north, the role of Inuit in the north, and that how working together makes great things happen.”

 Tickets are still available online at unbc.ca/giving.


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