Civic Centre Looks At Enhanced Liquor Licence

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News

The Prince George Conference and Civic Centre currently operates under what is called food primary liquor licence. It requires that food, not alcohol, be the focus during events. But its operators have gone to Council, looking for a liquor primary licence.
“What we want to do is increase and enhance how we can utilize the facility, increase its capacity,” says Myles Tychlois, Manager of the Centre. “We’ve had groups approach us, wanting to do certain types of events within the facility and we’re sort of limited by our food primary licence.”
Council approved first and second reading for the application. But the vote was not unanimous.
“It’s very well known that, if you have more alcohol outlets and more permits, so to speak, there is a direct relationship between alcohol availability and crime,” says City Councillor Albert Koehler. “It is also known that alcohol is, I think, the third or even the second largest cause of premature death.”
He says, if the case can be made to change the licence at the Conference and Civic Centre, he could change his mind. The facility consistently loses money year over year and adding possible events could help, but Koehler says dollars and cents don’t always make sense for opening the doors to more alcohol availability.
Tycholis has been invited to make a presentation to Council before any further decisions are made.


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