‘Do We Need A Caregivers Support Group?’

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
'Do We Need A Caregivers Support Group?'

The Prince George Council of Seniors are asking residents if we need a non-specific-diagnosis Caregivers Support Group in Prince George.

“There are various support groups in Prince George already, for example for families of Alzheimer’s or dementia patients, the COPD support group, MS support, that sort of thing,” says  Lola-Dawn Fennell, the Executive Director of the Council of Seniors, “but there is over a million caregivers in BC who could be doing unpaid care for anyone; and it doesn’t have to be someone with a specific disease or condition diagnosis. It could be somebody taking care of an elderly parent, somebody taking care of an adult child with developmental difficulties, it could be somebody taking care of a neighbour because they don’t have a family member to take care of them. We have had caregivers here in our office saying ‘where do I go for support?’ ”

The Family Caregivers of BC has support groups in the lower mainland, but there is no support group connected with them in the North.

To give your thoughts on if a support group is needed,  you can contact the Seniors Resource Centre.

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