Library Has “Pop Up” Plans

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Library Has "Pop Up" Plans

The Prince George Public Library is looking to broaden its reach. It wants to “take the show on the road” with a new pop-up library. It could move to different areas of the city and at different events to help people get access to their services closer to home.
“We already do go out in the community regularly. Almost every day. We had about 200 or so outreach events in 2016,” explains Janet Marrin, Chief Librarian. “But staff are really limited; they’re taking their own vehicles and they’re really limited in what they can bring along.”
That’s why the library is toying with the idea of a “pop-up library.” It would involve a van decked out with different books, depending on where they are headed that day, as well as a Wi-Fi hot spot.
But it is not going to happen without some help.
“We are having a really wonderful fundraising event. It’s planned for September 22nd. It’s our first in a new series called “Plot Twist.” And this particular event is focused on Gatsby, so the Roaring Twenties theme. And all of those proceeds are going to this outreach vehicle.”
They are also looking for corporate help with things like a vehicle and everything needed to keep it on the road.


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