BC Greens Missing In The North

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
BC Greens Missing In The North

There are some blue signs and some orange signs, but not a lot of green signs gracing the city these days. The clock is winding down on a candidates plans to toss their hats in the ring for this provincial election. And there is a gap in representation in this region. While the Green Party has strong representation for the BC Green Party in ridings to the south, the same cannot be said for this region. only Prince George-Valemount has a Green Party candidate in Nan Kendy.
“I am concerned there’s nobody in Skeena or Bulkley-Nechako or Mackenzie or the Peace River,” says long-time Green Party supporter Hilary Crowley. “For sure, that worries me, but we know our area’s been strong right wing, both federally and provincially. It’s a tough call.”
She admits selling the Green agenda is tough in regions heavily invested in the resource sector, when it shouldn’t be.
The deadline for a prospective candidate to get their name on the ballot is Tuesday.


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