Potters’ Guild Celebrates Canada’s 150th

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Potters' Guild Celebrates Canada's 150th

The Prince George Potters’ Guild has a project underway to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, after securing some funding from the Canada 150 Fund.
“It is a clay tile patchwork mural that we are putting together and getting members of our community to paint small, four-by-four tiles” explains one of the organizers, Joanne Mikkelsen, who help organize the event alongside fellow potter, Haren Heathman. “They are being put together in a big patchwork design up at CN Centre.”
In fact, the Guild has 1,300 of the ceramic tiles they hope community members will leave their stamp upon.
“We’re actually looking for people to paint tiles that tell a story about what they like about Prince George or what they like to do in Prince George,” says Heathman.
They are looking for engagement from all members of the community, whether it’s school children or individual businesses.
“Right now we’re doing our members are going out into the community and booking sessions with all different kinds of community groups” she says. “If you want to get involved, you can go onto our website at http://www.pgpotters.ca and send us an email that you would be interested. We would contact you and set up a group.
Heathman says, while it would be nice to attract future members to the joys of pottery, the hope is to inspire an appreciation for art in all its forms.


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