5 Kittens Found In Dumpster

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5 Kittens Found In Dumpster

Robyn Carpentier says 5 newborn kittens were found in a dumpster on Easter Monday. “I was inside and my husband was outside and somebody came up to him– a homeless man came up to him with a box I just ran outside. There was kittens in it…The guy said he found them in the dumpster. He was bottle picking I guess and he found them in the dumpster across the street at the apartment buildings.”

Carpentier says her mother instincts kicked in. “I just called everybody that I know that has cats and asked for help. Then somebody that I know who helps out the Humane Society took them down there for me.”

According to the Founder and Executive Director of the Prince George Humane Society, Angela McLaren, the kittens were recently born, possibly hours before they were found. “It was touch and go in the beginning. Particularly with bottle feeding we would talk about a really, really high risk of them not surviving. Now that we have a lactating mom we increase their chances of actually surviving.”

McLaren says the kittens are doing well and were taken in by a cat with three kittens of her own.

It’s not the first time the Humane Society has seen something like this. McLaren is reminding people that there are other options. “There’s a lot of resources available in the community for people that can’t take of their animals, and the Prince George Humane Society is one of those options available. We encourage people to reach out to those resources.”

The Humane Society is looking for more foster homes. You can sign up to foster an animal by submitting an application in person.


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