Candidate List For 2017 Provincial Election

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Candidate List For 2017 Provincial Election

The newest candidate tally has another name on the ballot for Prince George-Mackenzie, and she is no stranger to politics. Long-time Prince George resident Hilary Crowley will be running for the BC Green party in the riding of Prince George-Mackenzie in the May 9th provincial election. She is joining incumbent Mike Morris of the BC Liberals and Bobby Deepak of the BC NDP.
As for Prince George-Valemount, there are also there are three candidates as well. Nothing has changed since the nomination period has closed, with three candidates in the running for that riding. They are incumbent Shirley Bond, Nan Kendy of the BC Greens, and Natalie Fletcher of the BC NDP.
General election day for the provincial election is May 9th, though there are advanced polls on April 29th and 30th, and May 3rd to 6th.
Just a reminder, when you vote, you will need identification vouching for your identity and your home address.


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