ECRA Plans Expansion

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ECRA Plans Expansion

Of late, it seems seniors are staying in Prince George post-retirement, and even moving back to the community. But with any increase in a population, it puts a strain on infrastructure. That’s something the Elder Citizens’ Recreation Association has become accustomed to.
“We’ll be over a thousand members this year,” says Mike Bundock, Association President.
With that growth comes the need for expansion at its 10th Avenue location, its kitchen, in particular.
“It’s inefficient the way it is now. It’s dangerous,” explains Bundock. “We have mats on the floor but if we take them out, the girls are working on hard linoleum and the feet break down. So it [an expanded kitchen] would be more efficient and safer and we can serve the customers better.”
The plan is to add 345 square feet to the existing structure, as well as amenities like walk-in freezers and coolers and a storage area on the ground floor as opposed to the basement.
However, none of this will happen with less than $250,000.
“We are campaigning throughout the city. We haven’t done a big blast; we’ve met with a lot of people and we’re expecting our City Council and our provincial government to get behind this and the federal government to get this done. I want it done during the summer.”


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