Six City Projects Need Public’s Nod

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Six City Projects Need Public's Nod

The City has six projects it intends to take to the people, through an Alternate Approval Process. The projects include what is called the “Mobile Equipment Replacement,” which refers to replacing the City’s aging fleet. Another is to replace the dispatch radio equipment and a project to move the Parks Department from its current Atco trailer on Quinn Street to the main Administrative offices on 18th Avenue.
The City is also looking to borrow $630,000 to create a park.
“There’s some safety concerns with the type of parking that occurs along Foothills,” explains Gina Layte-Liston, Director of Public Works. “So the park is planned and proposed on the North side of Foothills Bridge. On the lower bench, we’re looking at some different assets and also on the top.”
The idea is to look at some different parking options to get vehicles off Foothills Boulevard.
Another project looks at moving the snow dump from its current location at 15th Avenue and Foothills Boulevard. The City hopes to borrow $2.93 million for that project.
“What the amount [of loan] is for both the investigation into locations, the pre-design, any type of geotechnical or archaeological issues. Then actually going in and constructing the facility in the next year.”
The idea is also to look at treating the snow at that new location.
Another project is a long-standing one with environmental implications, with cost implications of 41.47 million. Currently, all the storm water in the Hart, from Monterey Road south goes into a single storm system.
“So it’s all of the volume of storm water that comes off of any commercial, the industrial, the residential, the roads, the highway,” says Layte-Liston. “All of that goes into a storm water system, which then has an outfall on McMillan Creek.”
The plan is to build some form of detention and treatment facility near Blueberry Road at Highway 97.
Council has passed the first three readings on a loan authorization bylaw and the matter is in the hands of the Inspector of Municipalities.


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