Brain Injury Group Recognizes 25 Volunteers

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Brain Injury Group Recognizes 25 Volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Week. The Prince George Brain Injury Group (PG BIG) held a luncheon today to recognize 25 volunteers.

“Now that’s not all of our volunteers,” says Alison Hagreen, the Executive Director of PG BIG, “that’s all people who volunteer on a regular biases, and they are kind of people who have jobs.”

From answering phone calls, to maintenance work, to cleaning, they do it all. “If we had to pay for the work volunteers here do, it would have cost us over $70,000,” says Hagreen.

Jared Brick was one of the many celebrated for his work. In 2014, Brick transferred the Budokai Karate Club from the lower mainland to Prince George. Each week, he helps people with brain injuries work on self defense and personal improvement.

“It improves balance and coordination, works on their brains; left and right side,” says Brick. “Everyone in this world has something that we can give. It’s not always financial, we have to give up our time, we have to give up our skills. There’s always someone worse off than we are. It helps put everything into perspective that there is always something we can do.”

Volunteer Prince George is also using this week as an opportunity to get more people signed up for the Canada 150 For 150 Volunteer Challenge. Each person is asked to record 150 hours of volunteer work this year to celebrate Canada’s birthday.

“We have been getting updates and we are really excited that Prince George was number 3 for hours donated in March,” says Krystal Leason, the Vice President of Volunteer Prince George.

You can sign up to log your volunteer hours by visiting Volunteer PGs website.


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