Candidate Feature – Nan Kendy

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Candidate Feature - Nan Kendy

This week, CKPG is taking a closer look at who you may be voting for in this year’s provincial election.

Nan Kendy, is a rookie when it comes to politics, but the BC Green candidate for Prince George – Valemount is hoping to resonate with voters in this year’s election.

She felt that the 2013 election, many northerners didn’t have a voice when she didn’t see a Green candidate on the ballot.

Kendy suggests the Green party would reconcile with First Nations allowing them to be part of the process ecologically and economically.

The Liberals have put forward Shirley Bond and the NDP have Natalie Fletcher running in the riding.

On Tuesday, we will feature Shirley Bond, who is once again seeking re-election.


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