Local Liberals Head Back To Victoria

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Local Liberals Head Back To Victoria

Prince George-Valemount Liberal and her Prince George-Mackenzie counterpart, Mike Morris, are headed back to Victoria, with each handily surpassing their closet rivals in Natalie Fletcher and Bobby Deepak, with 59% and 57%, respectively.
“I am grateful for a family that’s supportive” she told the media. “I’m very honoured. Our team has worked so incredibly hard.”
Morris says the Liberal platform through the campaign helped put them over the top.
“I think people are confident in what I’m doing. They like the platform that we had in creating jobs and a strong economy and [the voters] just want us to move ahead with that.”
The break down of BC well before the all the ballot were counted pointed to a clear urban-rural divide in BC, something that was becoming evident early in the provincial campaign. It will make for a harder job in Victoria for both Bond and Morris.
“We’ve said all along that we’re going need strong voices in Victoria to take our message forward” says Bond. “I think Mike and I feel very confident that we do that together.”
“I believe that my team did a great job in the campaign and what the results are, the results are,” says Bobby Deepak, who was running in his second provincial election. “We’re proud of the campaign that we ran.”
Fletcher says there was no great surprise.
“I had no expectations going in, you know,” she says. “This was considered a very safe seat for the Liberals. We knew that. It’s just getting your message out there.”
This was Fletcher’s first election campaign and Deepak’s second. We asked Deepak if there are plans to run again.
“I can say that I’ll be involved in the next election, for sure. Whether I’ll be running or not, we’ll see, but I doubt it. I think two elections takes a lot of of a person.”

The BC Green Party won it’s first seat in 2013. It may wind up with three seats in this election, and hold the balance of power for a minority government. It’s cause for celebration for those who ran locally. While neither Green candidate won a Prince George riding, both Nan Kendy and Hilary Crowley felt there was an increase in support for the Greens in the North this election.

Elections BC will have the final numbers in on May 22nd.


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