Game Changer For BC Greens

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Game Changer For BC Greens

Now that the dust has settled in the hours since the initial votes have been tallied, a minority government is the reality for only the fourth time in the province’s history. And it is a brave new time for the BC Greens.
“Because now we have the balance of power,” says Hiliary Crowly, the Green Candidate for Prince George-Mackenzie. “If it remains a minority government, the leaders in their speeches last night were already talking as if they were really wanted to woo [Green Party Leader] Andrew Weaver and the Green Party.”

She believes one of the first “carrots” Weaver is likely to wave is the Green’s platform pledge to do away with corporate and union campaign contributions, as well as proportional representation.

If this ends up being a minority government, Elections BC rules state that “…the incumbent party (Liberals) will be given a chance to form a government by the Lieutenant Governor. If they cannot gain the confidence of the legislature, the Lieutenant Governor can choose to offer the chance to form a government to another party or call another election.”

But the counting is far from over. Several absentee ballots have yet to be tallied. Again, according to the rules, “… if there’s a tie vote or the margin between the top two candidates is less than a 100 votes (less than 1/500 of the total ballots), the District Electoral Officer must make an application for judicial recount. That application has to happen within six days of the official results.”

Crowley has espoused the Green platform long before it became vogue to do so. She says these election results legitimize the Green Movement.
“Absolutely! Absolutely it did! What did we get? 16.5 percent of the popular vote and I got over 11 percent of the vote in Prince George-Mackenzie. So, yeah, there’s a lot of people want the other parties to look at our policies and introduce them. Absolutely it’s a game-changer.”

She says BC could be ground zero for a ground swell of support across the country.


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