Liberal Re-Elected in Nechako Lakes And Cariboo North

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News

Meanwhile in the Nechako Lakes district, incumbent John Rustad had a commanding lead against his rivals. Rustad won with just over 5,000 votes, behind him was NDP candidate Anne Marie Sam with 2,784 votes. Libertarian Jon Rempel finished the night with 417 votes, and Al Trumpuh had the least amount of votes at 218. In the Cariboo North riding, it was a much closer race but Liberal incumbent Corallee Oakes won. For a large part of the night, NDP candidate Scott Elliot was close when it came to votes. But Elliot finished the night with just over 4,000 votes. Richard Edward Jaques of the Green party came in third place. While Tony Goulet of the BC Conservative party had the least amount of votes at just under 700.

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