Gerdsen Wins 5km Prediction Run

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News

Have you ever gone for a run and wondered how long it would take you to complete a certain distance? Well, many avid runners usually know how long it may take them to run that certain distance, and on Sunday the Prince George Road Runners Club held their annual 5K “prediction run”. You’re supposed to guess how long it will take you to run 5 kilometres. A clock started at 48 minutes and counts down to zero. 48 runners were signed up this year, with the last one taking off with 19 minutes left on the clock to run 5 kilometres. This year, the first person back was 2 and a half minutes shy of hitting their time, which compared to year’s past is a vast improvement. This year’s winner was Stephanie Gerdsen, who started the race with 34 minutes left on the clock and finished 3 seconds over.

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