Pacific Western Brewing Introduces Vodka Drink

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Pacific Western Brewing Introduces Vodka Drink

Pacific Western Brewing is branching out with its alcoholic selection. The company, located off of the North Nechako road, is not just brewing beer anymore. It is now producing two Vodka-based drinks, ‘Root Beer Wild’ and ‘Ginger Ale Wild’.

Tom Leboe, with Corporate Affairs for the company, says they received a lot of positive feedback on their non-alcoholic root beer. That’s why they decided to make a cooler out of it. “We have been working on the alcoholic side of it for about a year. We had to get all of the proper licensing and all of the proper equipment in place.”

Vodka is trucked in from a distillery in Alberta. It is then mixed with the regular root beer and ginger ale at the brewery. The whole process takes up to 6 hours.

Leboe says there has been a lot of verbal interest from customers, but orders cannot be placed until all of the drinks are made. There will be 3,200 six-packs of the Ginger Ale Wild, and 5,000 six-packs of the Root Beer Wild. The new vodka coolers hit the market next week.




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