First ‘Adventures in Health Care’ Underway

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First 'Adventures in Health Care' Underway

It’s a four-day program that will give high school students a closer look at 7 health care professions. The first ever ‘Adventures in Health Care’ is underway. The inaugural event, funded by the Rotary Club, is a collaboration between CNC, UNBC, Northern Health, School District 57 and AiMHi. The goal is for students to see if a career in health care is the right path for them.

37 students are the pioneers of the program, coming from as far as Vancouver and Richmond to participate. Over the next few days, they will participate in hands-on workshops in the 7 different health care careers. The areas they will look at range from X Ray Technology, to Dental Assistance, to Emergency Preparedness.

“It’s a well rounded 4 days…busy days, from 7:30 in morning until 9 o’clock at night,” says the Dean of CNC’s School of Health Sciences, Dr. Glenda Vardy Dell, “but I think it will be worth while to help students decide ‘yeah health care is where I want to be’ or ‘no health care is not where I want to be’.”

The program is modeled after ‘Adventures in Forestry’, which was also initiated by the Rotary Club. “We realized 3 years ago we have other industries that are just as important,” says Ron Davis with the Yellowhead Rotary Club, “and that’s Health Care and Education.”

Adventures in Health Care was in high demand, with almost 80 students applying for a spot. “The process was rigorous, it wasn’t just ‘sign on the dotted line’ ” says Dr. Vardy Dell. “Students had to apply, they had to write an essay and then they had to be interviewed by a board panel.”

Students will get elbow-deep in labs at CNC, UNBC, AiMHi and the University Hospital.




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