Political Pundit Weighs In On Party Agreement

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Political Pundit Weighs In On Party Agreement

It’s a move that’s surprised many, and may really shake up this years election outcome.

NDP leader John Horgan and Andrew Weaver of the Green party announced an agreement today. They say it will allow for a stable minority government for the next four years.

What will this mean for Northern BC? A UNBC Political Science Professor weighs in.

“When I teach the BC Government class to the students here, the very first lecture we always talk about how BC politics is wild and wacky, but also wonderful and unpredictable,” says Jason Morris. “Today we have something that’s pretty unique for our political history. We do have a Premier who is going to remain Premier for a little while, unless she decides to resign or else tries to have a vote and doesn’t win that. At which point an election can be called. Or, the Lieutenant Governor could decide that this new amalgamation of the BC NDP and the BC Greens could form the next government.”

“It looks likely to be the case that the Prince George area will find itself in an opposition position, which it hasn’t been since 2001 — and even before that in some of the ridings,” says Morris. “It will be a sharp learning curve for those members, but also for Northerners too who are used to feeling they are on the inside and not the outside of the corridors of power.”

“British Columbians can expect to see a lot of ‘politicking’ as if the election never ended, and maybe won’t until there is another one. They can also expect to not see a lot of behind the scenes negotiations as every legislative piece that might be proposed has to be debated behind those scenes.”



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