Happy Helmet Day

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Happy Helmet Day

The Northern Brain Injury Association’s (NBIA) annual ‘Happy Helmet Day’ is today.

The NBIA is once again making the awareness campaign educational and fun by encouraging people to decorate a helmet (or hard hat), and send in a picture to happyhelmet@nbia.ca with their name, age, contact info and community. The week-long contest gives kids and adults a chance to win cash prizes and gift cards.

“Happy helmet day started a few years ago and it’s all about creating awareness about keeping your brain safe,” says  Doug Jones, the President of the NBIA. “There’s so many injuries that are preventable and it’s as simple as wearing a helmet. The reason you don’t wear a helmet is you don’t want to have bad hair, or look goofy. Of course you do, but it’s a lot better than having a brain injury.”

“Currently one in three people in Canada are directly affected by Brain injury in some way,” says Will Lewis, the Program Developer at NBIA.

According to the Regional Lead for Injury Prevention at Northern Health, wearing a helmet is not about bubble-wrapping and never taking risks. It’s about preventing head trauma and fatalities. “Any injury can happen in a split second, and a brain injury is just the same,” says Denise Foucher. “Know your sport, know the gear that you should be wearing and that includes the right helmet, for the right sport, in the right condition and wearing it every single time.”

For information about concussions, visit the CATT website.

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