Cottonwood Island Trails Reopening

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Cottonwood Island Trails Reopening

It’s been over a week since the City of Prince George closed the trails in Cottonwood Island Park as a precautionary measure.

While trails were not flooded, the water level rose about about a metre which resulted in puddles and ponds.

Water levels have slowly been receding for the last three days. City crews are now removing signs and barricades, reopening the trails.

“We do it [close trails] for the safety of the public for sure. Things can change overnight quickly so we do it to be proactive, and to keep people out of the parks,” says Chris Bjorn, Supervisor of Prince George Parks. “Crews are going to be taking down barricades today, I know people are still walking through there. It is safe to do so, the trails are dry and bare right now. If we don’t get too much more rain we should be good.”

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