Provincial Climate “Uncertain”

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Provincial Climate "Uncertain"

Today marks one month since the 41st provincial election, and BC remains in a holding pattern. There are some, like UNBC Political Scientist Jason Morris, who says another election may be the answer, and sooner, rather than later.
“I know it’s really painful and frustrating, but the province seems to be ungovernable at this stage,” says Morris. “We may not want to spend another $40 million on an election, but it was kind of a tie and, in pro sports, you go into overtime.”
He says that may be preferable to having back room deals, away from prying eyes, to make the decisions that lead to legislation that affects all British Columbians.
The “caretaker mode” leaves many with a sense of uncertainty. Trent Bilodeau with the Canadian Institute of Mining, BC Branch, says industry is also in a holding pattern and that includes mines, which are reluctant to make any investments without some certainly.
“There’s a reluctance to put crews together, but equipment until everything gets figured out. I mean, not to get too political, but a lot guys are swaying a certain way, which decide if they are going to move forward, shut down operations or expand.”
Meanwhile,Premier Christy Clark has recalled the Legislature on June 22. The first order of business is to elect a Speaker of the House, but that, too, is tricky.
But I think it’s really unworkable if the parties can even agree to select a non-partisan, independent person that presides over the day-to-day business of the Legislature,” says Morris. “If they can’t do that, I can’t see much hope for them actually doing that day-to-day governing for British Columbia.”
If such an individual cannot be identified, government cannot be formed.


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