Water Restrictions Coming To PG

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Water Restrictions Coming To PG

The City has quietly been working on a project to connect two major wells in the Nechako River to create some redundancy. The final push to complete the project will take place next week.
“The importance of redundancy is to have a consistent supply of drinking water and a water supply for fire protection and the needs of residents,” explains Gina Layte-Liston, Director of Public Utilities. “There is the possibility that we [the City] could have mechanical issues in the wells, from a maintenance point of view but also from an emergency point of view.”
The two, soon-to-be connected wells will service the Hart, the the Bowl, College Heights and Blackburn.
But, ironically, to enhance the City’s water system, it will have to curtail water usage for the week.
The City is putting water restrictions in place from noon Monday, June 12 through the week and ending the evening of Friday, June 16. Residents will be able to use water as per normal in their households and will be able to water their gardens and plants will a hose. Sprinkler use on gardens and lawns will be disallowed over the course of the week. The City does says, though, that it may consider watering sports fields and gardens that cannot be watered by hand.


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