3rd Annual Indigenous Games Uniting Schools

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3rd Annual Indigenous Games Uniting Schools

The North American Indigenous Games in Toronto are set to get underway in just over a month. Today, School District 57 hosted it’s own rendition of the games.

The 3rd annual Indigenous Games was hosted at Nusdeh Yoh.

6 schools in the District, and one from Lake Babine, competed in the multi-sporting event. The day was complete with archery, lacrosse, track & field events, tug of war, basketball, wrestling, leg pulling, drumming and crafts.

“It’s really good to tie kids into sports,” says Pam Spooner, the Principal of Nusdeh Yoh. “Research says the more kids are involved with sports and culture, the more successful they will be in attending school, and the more successful they will be in life. ”

The games also unite schools, in the spirit of community. “It’s not just about the competition. It’s more about the fun and meeting new friends and renewing old friendships,” says Spooner. “It’s nice getting all the inner city schools together. They recognize each other in the community as well and they are getting along a lot better.”

Participants took something different away from the games:

You can make new friends, and sometimes they have the same hobbies as you–like soccer and collecting bottle caps if people like to do that – Lars Clark, Grade 7 student at Nusdeh Yoh.

The good thing is you are starting to know your team and classmates, as well as other people you have never met in the school –  Bradley Lewis, a Grade 7 student at Ron Brent.

My favourite part of today was playing basketball – Angel Collier, a Grade 7 student at Nusdeh Yoh.

I played lacrosse for my first time today, I like it. I might join in that – Luke Bird, a Grade 7 student at Fort Babine.


Van Bien took home the cup this year. Nusdeh Yoh placed second, and Fort Babine came in 3rd.

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