Doherty’s PTSD Bill Headed To The Senate

Prince George, BC, Canada / CKPG News
Doherty's PTSD Bill Headed To The Senate

Bill C-211, which is a federal framework on post traumatic stress disorder is heading to Senate after it passed third reading in the House of Commons on Friday.

The bill was put forward by Cariboo-Prince George MP Todd Doherty who says this is a step in the right direction.

The Bill will ensure that work toward a long-term set of best practices and when dealing with PTSD and occupational stress injuries.


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  1. I share many thanks and much respect is granted to Mr. Todd Doherty, MP, for standing up on behalf of Canada’s Military Personnel and Public Safety Workers.

    As Mr. Doherty shared during his speech in Parliament, a National Federal Framework to address PTSD, which disproportionately Public Safety Workers and our families in British Columbia, towards assuring Operational Stress Injury and resulting PTSD is dealt with openly, transparently, and with honour in our Employer Organizations, as well as within our Governments and Compensation Systems.

    This is, as Mr. Doherty explained in Ottawa, a very welcome and important step in progressing proactively through this issue.

    As a survivor from Public Safety in British Columbia, from PTSD and suicide, I honour the work of Mr. Doherty, and thank all Members of Parliament for showing unanimous support for Mr. Doherty’s Bill, Bill C-211.

    Closer to home: Could you please help us by signing onto this campaign. We are hoping to achieve ‘presumption of illness’ in British Columbia for this issue. Public Safety Workers in British Columbia today should not EVER need to PROVE that our Operational Stress Injuries and resulting PTSD is work-caused.

    I’ve personally worked this issue against the BC Liberal Government for 12 long, frustrating years. Although the NDP, and Work Safe Spokesperson for the Opposition, Mr. Shane Simpson, brought forth a Bill calling for such amendment to mental stress provision language in the Workers Compensation Act, the BC Liberal Government were not interested in supporting this effort, regardless of the fact that other Provincial Jurisdictions were already implementing Presumption of Illness provisions in their own Compensation Legislation.

    Please add your voice of support by signing onto this campaign:

    Should the NDP/Green Party Alliance hold, we do expect to finally achieve this provision.

    However, there are still no guarantees that the BC Liberal Party won’t simply push for another election.

    Regardless, we need public citizen support: We can’t get through to power alone.

    Thank you for considering this request. And, again, thank you to MP Todd Doherty for courageously raising this issue on our behalf to success in Ottawa.

    Be Well, Sir. You have this former BC Paramedics trust, and full respect.

    Darren Gregory and The Trauma Recovery Blog

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