Friendship Centres Waiting For Core Funding

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Friendship Centres Waiting For Core Funding

Around 120 Friendship Centres across the country are still waiting to learn what their funding will be from the federal government, something they normally learn by the end of the fiscal year in April.
“These last couple of years the funding has been delayed and held up and we’re getting it later and later,” says Tony Goulet, Executive Director for the Quesnel Tillicum Friendship Centre. “For this year, 2017 and going into 2018, we don’t even know if we’re going to get core funding. It’s still up in the air.”
The Tillicum Centre gets about $177,000 in core funding from the federal government.
With its 18 staff members, the Centre provides a variety of services, from drug and alcohol counselling to legal advice.
The National Association of Friendship Centres has been meeting with Indian Affairs for months, but there has been little movement.
The Member of Parliament for that community, Todd Doherty accuses government of dropping the ball.
“This government has not delivered on a promise to make sure there’s consistent funding,” accuses Doherty. “How do plan? How do you plan in advance for the programs that you’re going to deliver? And there’s no guarantee that they’re going to have these dollars in place. The budgets have been in place for some time and we’ve got a Friendship Centre, such as the one in Quesnel, that’s waiting for their annual funding.”
Goulet says he can hang on a while long but cautions, if the lack of funding persists, he may have no choice but to close the doors on a Centre that has been in place for 45 years.


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